A Simple MySQL Database Security Measure

Amongst the huge resources of the MySQL Programming language as well as the PHP Programming language, there is a simple MySQL database security measure that will stop the vast majority of MySQL Injection attacks, if not all of them. PHP programmers use the language to handle visitor input and communicate with MySQL databases. This makes PHP the conduit for MySQL. This becomes the simplest point for a security measure.

Since SQL Injection attacks contain MySQL statements, such as retrieving or deleting records, it must be interpreted by the MySQL server as code statements. The measure of database security is to make sure the database does not interpret the injection as code. This should not be misunderstood to mean that this security measure is the best protection or all that is needed to protect your MySQL database. This article is intended to be informative and describe a imple database security measure that shoul be incorporated with numerous other database security and security programming measures.

PHP programmers can use a simple “addslashes” command that automatically places a backward slash character in front of any code character, so the server interprets it as text instead of as code to be processed. It is more work, but more effective to use PHP to cleanse and validate submitted information before allowing processing. Programmers lacking a solid understanding of database security or security programming can use this simple method and gain some effective database security.

MySQL database security is far more intense than this article might sound, and expert database developers should be used to protect your Online business in conjunction with expert security programmers to gain truly effective MySQL database security.

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