Dynamic Menus Arrays Iteration of MySQL Databases Structures

Our team of expert MySQL database developers programs dynamic menus from arrays sourced from MySQL database structure. Database architecture defines enumerated field structures as arrays of potential field value options. Enumeration definitions have the same format as standard programming arrays, which lends itself for portability and dynamic construction.

When developing MySQL databases, preference is given to enumerated fields where menu generation and list management is desirable. By extracting the enumeration definition for a MySQL database field, an array of defined database values is returned. By loading these database-defined values into a working array, the application can make use of the values in various ways.

Standard interface menu generation is a popular way to present multiple options for selection. Dynamic menus via the iteration of arrays sourced from MySQL database enumeration fields provides a great way o populate the selection menu and to verify the user-selected value that is returned.

Data validation of selected values can be dynamically handled using the same array of enumerated MySQL database field value above. rather than screening the returned value using data cleansing and data validation methods, the returned value can be looked-up in the associative array of values, which returns a True or False value. If the value is True, the returned value is validated and can be subsequently processed. If the returned value is False, it can be discarded as an invalid response regardless of data cleansing and validation results. This does not mean the returned value should forego cleansing and validation, as good database security practices are crucial no matter what.

Good MySQL database architecture and database development require good planning and a well defined Big Picture of the project to make best use of iteratively handling of enumerated MySQL database fields for dynamic menus and dynamic handling. Planned database structures can provide a number of advantages to both database developers and database programmers.

If you have questions about how enumeration and dynamic menu handling can solve your database development and programming requirements, call us at 801-253-2564 and we can help.

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